Best Tea Inspired Desserts

There is tea not only for the meat, fish, vegetables or fruits you eat but tea can be also used in desserts. In the vibes that tea offers- its taste, mouthfeel and in its natural goodness, there is delectable harmony when tea and food come together.

There’s a reason why most restaurants offer tea with desserts once you are done with the main meals. Tea goes exceptionally well with desserts. There’s a range of teas that can accompany your favourite desserts. Next time you decide to have a dessert, go through this guide to decide the tea that you can have along with, to make it taste even better.

And most importantly, if you want to shred fat and still enjoy desserts, we’ve got a better answer: tea. While all teas can help you with weight-loss, tea also has the ability to block the storage of fat.

So, here you go!

Chocolate and Tea do wonders. Chocolate almost goes with everything. Simply, by taking a bite of your favourite chocolate with a sip of your favourite tea you could check how well taste profiles match. However, if you want to be a bit more adventurous, you could go ahead and blend your tea with chocolate. Here’s a simple recipe you could follow; Infuse 100ml of hot water to Dilmah Mint tea, let it rest for 5 minutes. Take 200g of 70% chocolate, chop it and mix it with the infused tea until it takes a saucy texture. You could simply dip fresh fruits in the tea infused chocolate and have it. Chocolate and Mint tea is just amazing when combined.

Rose and French Vanilla is a great tea that goes with desserts. While Rose has a powerful scent, vanilla has a more pleasant aroma. The aromatic medium bodied floral note of this tea makes it ideal for macarons. Try Rose and Vanilla Macarons with Dilmah Rose and French Vanilla tea. You’ll love it!

Are you into all these luscious desserts? When you are planning on enjoying a rich and decadent dessert, always go for black tea. The slight astringency of black tea will make that mousse really sing. Try making mousse with Dilmah Lychee with Rose Almond-a flavoured black tea. It’s easier than you think and very tempting. Follow the recipe given here

Trying to be more disciplined with what you eat? Ice Cream with Matcha green tea is both healthy and delicious. Matcha is a powdered form of green tea made from young tea leaves that are also rich in nutrients and is considered the no 01 healthy tea across the world. Matcha is often used in making ice cream and even cakes!

We’ve just given you some basic desserts to try with tea, but Dilmah has more in stock for you. Visit when you are craving for something sweet.