Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk

What is a Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk by Dilmah?

A compact cart created to highlight the specific range of Dilmah Tea that can be easily placed within Hotel lobby lounges and Malls, as well as any place where needed to demonstrate / showcase Dilmah Tea mixology

What are the different types of Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk ?

Elixir t-Kiosk: Showcasing the Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Tea Range concentrates

Dilmah t-Kiosk Cycle Cart: Showcasing various Dilmah Tea ranges

What can be served off a Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk?

The following items can be served off the Kiosks:

  1. Hot Teas – Freshly-brewed white, green, black, flavoured black teas and herbal infusions
  2. t-Kitsch
  3. Iced Teas – Straight or Sparkling
  4. Tea Shakes / Smoothies
Mug and porcelain tea pot for in-rooms
Mug and porcelain tea pot for in-rooms

What is the size and weight of a Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk ?

Name Size Weight
Elixir Tea Kiosk 180 x 85 x 230 cm 150 -180 kg
Dilmah (branded) Tea Kiosk Cycle Cart 150 x 90x 220 cm 150 - 180 kg

The difference in size is due to the under-counter chiller being placed, and the height being increased for more brand visibility.

Is a Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk customisable?

Yes! Depending on the venue and the budget, the following equipment can be added to the Kiosk:

  1. Under-counter chiller
  2. Small rinsing sink with fresh water and wastewater tank
  3. Blending station
  4. Marco FRIIA / Zip Tap / Samovar

What are the other particulars of a Tea Trolley / t-Kiosk ?


It will be 3 - 4 pieces per Kiosk and designed to be installed using the nut and bolt system.


The branding signage comes pre-installed.

Functionary Aspects

The Kiosk comes equipped with removable and lockable wheels. The water and drainage tanks, as well as the water pump (included) will need to be installed on location.


At the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby 7s, VIP guests were offered luxurious tea mixology ranging from our signature Emirates Chai to our Vegan Tea Mojito, signature Elixir Iced Tea and more. To introduce tea shaken & stirred with mixology crafted by our tea Mixologists, contact us at hospitality@dilmahtea.com