Dilmah Tea Gastronomy

At the heart of gastronomy, there is tea. This could be considered as the richest medium in which one could understand the complexity in Tea. Using the finest Ceylon Tea – Dilmah – in the process of cooking with tea adds a new dimension of taste, texture and flavour to food.

Master in Tea Gastronomy

Dillmah T series Tea bags and Tea Inspired Desserts

Real High Tea

Afternoon tea for the 21st Century.
Recipes and Tea Inspiration from The Revolution

Chefs who have participated to the Tea Inspired event

Chef and the Teamaker

Chefs exploring the diversity and limitless possibilities of tea in gastronomy with the tea maker

A Chef is adding Tea into The Dish

Cooking with Tea Tips

Hundreds of tea inspired food and drink recipes at your finger tips

A pamphlet about Dilmah Camellia Epicurean 2014

Camellia Epicurean

A tea inspired gastronomical sit-down dinner with tea inspired food and drinks