Camellia Epicurean

Tea Inspired Dessert made with 4 egg yolks in the middle and a strawberry on top

The name Camellia Epicurean, derived from Camellia Sinensis – the scientific name for tea, is Dilmah’s trademarked concept which started in 2010. It expresses the true beauty of nature’s fingerprint on each tea with tea gastronomy. Honouring the philosophy behind Camellia Epicurean, chefs and mixologists would create tea inspired masterpieces to craft an exquisite fine dining experience in tea.

The reasoning behind the term ‘Camellia Epicurean’ is gastronomy and the hedonistic pleasure of gastronomy expressed through tea. Tea has a unique ability in its marriage with food and it can be used elegantly within food in several dimensions; firstly with aroma, secondly with flavour and thirdly with texture however it requires a certain degree of artistry. When tea is combined with food, the food takes something from the tea, and in turn the tea too takes something from the food. Camellia Epicurean is a visual presentation of a tea inspired experience in order to garner enthusiasm for replication of the same with guests.

"Fabulous food, fabulous tea, each delicious on its own, but together they can be sensational on the palate. Tea can dignify food unlike any other beverage, expressing flavour, texture or subduing either as the culinary artist desires."Dilhan C. Fernando