5 delish Iced tea recipes for you to try

Keep it cool and exciting all year round with Iced Tea made with different flavours of tea! Whether you’re at home or at work, making iced tea is a simple task with a pleasurable result. Simply start by picking your favourite type of tea- Black, Green, White or Oolong. Brew 2 bags for 2-3 minutes depending on preferred strength. Keep it sugar free or make it a sweet tea by adding honey or sugar to taste, and finally, garnish to your liking with mint leaves, a cinnamon stick or fresh fruits.

Experience a fun element to tea as you take your senses on a journey with exceptional Ceylon tea. For instance, taste terroir of tea as you sip tangy berries with light floral and woody notes from a glass of Blueberry Iced Tea. Surprise your family or guests by adding more flavour to appease taste buds with Cranberry and Pomegranate juice. Leave them astounded by using pomegranate seeds to garnish, and truly delight their sense of sight!

Refresh with a glass of Lemon & Lime Iced Tea; brew Lemon Tea for 3 minutes for a slightly light black tea, and add orange juice to enhance its citrus finish. This fragrant tea is bound to ease the nerves after a long day, and with a touch of sweetness and mild tanginess the tea already offers, one is sure to feel revitalised!

Similarly Mint Tea make a perfect post-workout refresher. Make the most of the tea’s natural peppermint and spearmint flavours by enhancing it with the addition of ½ a cup of cucumber puree and lemonade. Add honey for natural sweetening, and you might just feel so energised to hit the gym again.

A tea many prefer iced than hot is Strawberry Tea. This is no surprise as you can truly taste the delightful ripe sweetness of strawberry when ice is added. Once again, the tangy notes of berries allow you to explore more flavours, and with the addition of ginger beer for instance, the brew can take a refreshing stir. This is perfect for a hot afternoon in summer or a simple, yet fun welcome drink.

Want to move ‘oolong’ from Black Tea? Make an Oolong mocktail! Turn it up a notch with fragrant Oolong tea – an aristocratic tea with a distinctive aroma and taste that is bound to leave your guests astounded and wanting more. Perfect for any time and any occasion, one is able to enjoy its beautiful floral note, reminiscent of orchids.

Tip: To prevent making your tea too diluted, first add ice into the glass and then pour the tea, or simply make ice cubes with tea for a stronger and longer lasting taste of tea.

Keep it cool, get brewing.