The judging is conducted by WACS certified judges and tea tasters and assessed in accordance with the global chefs standards.

Global Judges

Bernd Uber
Simon Gault
Peter Kuruvita
Dilhan C. Fernando

“I am full of passion to the degree where the cup nearly overflows and if I can pass this on to the younger generation”

BERND UBER, Black Hat Chef & WACS Reference Judge

National Judges

Alan Palmer
Bernard Ricolleau
Christophe Megel
Eric Neo

“I am loving the High Tea Challenge, it is extraordinary and amazing to bring so many diverse cultures and hospitality people together to see the creativity and so many ways to use two leaves and a bud from one plant.”

Leslie McLean
Fabrice Sommier
Hidde De Brabander
Chef Jamnong Nirungsan
Chef KK Yau

“The tea is given the respect that it deserves; it is a drink and an ingredient to be used in food and that’s exciting and you know chefs are really only just starting to realise that tea as an ingredient, is not just something that we drink.”

Simon Gault, Celebrity chef
Malcolm Goh
Matias Palomo
Robert Schinkel
Tony Khoo
Uwe Micheel
Vindex Tengker

“Tea Inspired festivities” seeks to achieve respect for, and an understanding of tea and its various personalities. At the heart of gastronomy is the harmony of several apparently disparate flavours on the tongue. The tea has the ability to complement gastronomy beautifully, either paired with food, or as an ingredient in food or beverage”

Dilhan C. Fernando, Son of Dilmah Founder Merrill J Fernando