Dilmah Tea Sustainability

Tea Field In Sri Lanka

We want to create a truly sustainable tea industry which is good for people, communities and the planet. For Dilmah, sustainability is a core business imperative that underpins our strategy to build a more valuable enterprise. We believe that business is a matter of human service and thus our mission is to build value through operational excellence and leading the transition to a sustainable planet and society.

By emphasizing sustainable development, both as a concept and in practice, we aim to be a more robust, competitive and a resilient business in the long term. We are working to catalyze systemic changes across our own operations and the wider industry to ensure that we can continue to produce tea in a sustainable manner for many generations to come.

Our commitment to leadership in sustainability is anchored firmly in our corporate values. Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to our corporate culture since inception. This approach applies to every business unit and functions. Our employees and distributors all over the world have firmly embraced the principles of sustainable development in their daily work and think and act accordingly.

Dilmah owes its success to the quality of Ceylon Tea. The business relies on an enduring connection to the land and the communities in which we operate, therefore we have pioneered a comprehensive commitment to minimizing our impact on the planet, fostering respect for the environment and ensuring its protection by encouraging a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. We believe that conservation is ultimately about people and the future of the human race and that efforts in conservation have associated human well-being and poverty reduction outcomes. These core values allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of sustainability.