4 Experiential Elements

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Tea Inspired Judge Taste Testing


Good taste, including aroma, flavour, texture, taste harmony are critical elements of any culinary or mixology presentation and taste is therefore the primary experiential element that TEA INSPIRATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY should fulfill.

Glass Teapot filled with Tea


Tea is an occasion that is characterized by indulgence. Elegance in taste harmony, presentation of food, presentation and service generally including the table layout, menu and other elements are all a part of the vital requirement for elegance in TEA INSPIRATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

Pouring Tea Into Glasses


Relative to the natural antioxidant potential in tea, the selection, preparation and presentation of teas should be made in such a manner that does not compromise the wellness in tea. The use of tea as an ingredient and the application of heat will necessarily compromise some aspect of the antioxidant potential in teas used for cooking although the wellness aspect in relation to the emulsifying, therapeutic, digestive benefits in tea need to be preserved to the greatest extent possible within these constraints.

Cocktail Glasses Filled with Different Types of Tea


Tea is an industry that touches the lives of millions in its production and amongst the chief reasons for the existence of Dilmah is a commitment to enhancing the lives of workers in tea and the less privileged generally. Whilst TEA INSPIRATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY presents a tasteful, elegant and healthy experience, incorporation of purpose in relation to humanitarian and environmental aspects is an important in the TEA INSPIRATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY experience.

Fulfilling the consumers desire for provenance and authenticity. Understanding the characteristics of the tea and its relevance to mood, occasion and theme. Tasting guides expanding the flavor, texture component and aroma elements to involve the guest in the experience more deeply.