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Ceylon Tea with Apple Pie and Vanilla jelly layered with blackberry jam, apple compote, almond joconde and saffron mouhalabiya in a delectably sweet dessert.

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    Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge 2015
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    Real High Tea


  • 200ml Ceylon Tea with Apple Pie and Vanilla, brewed
  • 5 sheets Gelatin, soaked
  • 40g Blackberry Jam
  • 40g Apple Compote
  • Discs of Almond Joconde
  • Saffron Mouhalabiya*
  • Ceylon Tea with Apple Pie and Vanilla Powder for garnish

Methods and Directions

  • Combine the tea and gelatin. Pour a little into a martini glass and let it set under refrigeration.
  • Once set, spoon in blackberry jam and place a disc of almond joconde on-top.
  • Add the apple compote halfway up the glass and pour in remaining jelly to fill the glass and let set once again.
  • Top with saffron mouhalabiya. Stencil a ‘t’ with the tea powder and serve.

* To make the saffron mouhalabiya, bring 100ml milk and 100ml cream to a boil. Add 30g sugar and a pinch of saffron. Thicken with 20g corn flour. Take off heat, let cool and set aside until use.

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