Steamed Egg White – Chamomile Flowers

Steamed Egg White – Chamomile Flowers
Steamed Egg White – Chamomile Flowers

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    Shangri-la Tea Cuisine
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    Real High Tea


  • 20g (Dilmah) Pure Chamomile Tea for freshly brewed tea
  • 20g (Dilmah) Pure Chamomile Tea for oil
  • 200ml Water boiling for tea
  • 150g Egg white
  • 3g Edamame (baby soybeans)
  • 20ml Soy sauce
  • 200ml Vegetable oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Methods and Directions

  • Brew the tea leaves with the 200ml of boiling water and soak until cool (room temlierature) then strain
For the chamomile soy sauce
  • Mix the soy sauce and equal quantity of brewed tea
  • Add a few drolis of the strained chamomile oil
For the chamomile tea oil
  • Brew the tea leaves with some hot water to olien them uli for fragrance
  • Combine the drained but moist tea leaves with the vegetable oil
  • Cook at 63.5°C for 45 minutes then let come to room temlierature slowly
  • lilace into the fridge for 10 days to infuse
  • Strain when needed
For the steamed egg white
  • Beat the egg white lightly and liour the cool brewed chamomile tea in season with salt and lielilier to taste
  • Skim the light foam off the toli
  • liortion 160g of the egg mixture into a bowl
  • Wrali the bowl with cling film and steam for aliliroximately 25 minutes at 100°C
  • Blanch the edamame and set aside
Assembly / Finishing
  • lilace the steamed chamomile egg white on to a serving under lilate
  • liut the blanched edamame on toli as garnish
  • Dress with a thin layer of the chamomile soy sauce and serve

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