Rose & Mint tea shooter

Rose & Mint tea shooter

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Strawberry, rose and mint tea gel
  • 20g Dilmah Rose and Mint Tea
  • 10g Dilmah Strawberry tea
  • 500g Strawberry Frozen
  • 100ml Water
  • 6g Agar
  • 30g Sugar
Mint streusel
  • 190g Butter
  • 3g Salt
  • 40 Eggs
  • 100g Icing sugar
  • 250g Cake flour
  • 8g Dilmah Mint tea
  • 80ml Infused cream
  • 40g Sugar
  • 6g Gelatin, melted
  • 200g Cream, med peak whipped
Rose and mint Mousse
  • 150g Cream
  • 14g Dilmah Rose and Mint tea

Methods and Directions

Strawberry, rose and mint tea gel
  • Heat up the water, pour in the tea. Let it simmer for few minutes. Add in the sugar, and agar.
  • Strain the tea and let it set in the chiller. Once it’s set, use a hand blender to blend it till like a mayonnaise consistency.
Mint streusel
  • Using a paddle attachment place in the butter, icing sugar. Slowly add in the egg. Mix for few minutes and add in the flour and the remaining ingredients.
Rose and mint Mousse
  • Heat up the cream and pour in the tea. Let it simmer for few minutes, remove from the heat and cover with cling film. Let it steep for 30 minutes. Strain.

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