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Adli Kasi
Yam An Nie

Saffron-infused pie tee filled with poached Maine lobster salad, dressed in a ginger flower and plum sauce.

  • Recipe Source Name
    Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge 2015


  • 1 Maine Lobster
  • 8ltr Water
  • ½ cup Salt
  • 50g Ginger Flowers
  • 1tsp. Peppercorns
  • 10g Ginger Flowers
  • 15g Fish Sauce
  • 35g Lime Juice
  • 10g Bird Eye Chillies
  • 100g Plum Sauce
  • 30g Icing Sugar, Sieved
  • 100ml Water
  • 1tbsp. Vegetable Oil
Pie Tee Case
  • 250g Plain Flour
  • 60g Rice Flour
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 2 Eggs, beaten
  • 650ml Water
  • 1L Cooking Oil for deep-frying
  • Saffron

Methods and Directions

  • Fill a large pot with water and stir in the salt, peppercorn and ginger flower. Bring the water to a boil over high heat.
  • Add the lobster, head-first, into the pot, cover with a tight fitting lid, and return the water to a full boil.
  • Reduce the heat and cook at a gentle boil until the lobster is bright red -about 5 minutes from the time it goes into the pot. Once cooked, put in a salted ice water bath.
  • To crack and remove the lobster meat, use your hands to twist and separate the tail from the body.
  • After de-shelling the lobster, place the lobster tail and claws on a paper towel.
  • Cut into small pieces for the salad.
  • Heat up a pot, pour in the oil. Sauté the ginger flowers and the bird eye chillies till fragrant. Pour in the plum sauce and water. Slowly pour in the icing sugar. Use a whisk and mix well. Once boiled, remove from heat. Pour in the fish sauce and lime juice. Mix well. Can add more lime juice for acidity if needed.
Pie Tee Case
  • Sift plain flour, rice flour and salt into a bowl. Make a hole in the centre and add the beaten eggs. Whisk slowly until well mixed.
  • Add water gradually and whisk until smooth. Add saffron and mix well. Strain the batter.
  • Heat oil and dip pie tee mould in the hot oil until it is heated through. Then dip the hot mould in batter, lift it up and lower it into the hot oil. Jiggle it up and down.
  • The edge is loosened to form a brim. When the case hardens, ease it off the mould with a small knife and fry till golden brown.

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