Ginger and Honey Flavored Tea Ice Cream

Ginger and Honey Flavored Tea Ice Cream

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Sampath Bandara

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  • Dilmah Ginger and Honey Flavored Ceylon Black Tea 3 bags
  • 320gm Fresh Milk
  • 90gm Cream
  • 100gm Egg yolk

Methods and Directions

  1. Warm the milk about to boil, and take out from the heat
  2. Then open the tea bags and put in to the Warm milk, and stair well, Brew the tea in the milk about 5 minutes.
  3. Mean Time whipped the egg yolk and sugar In separates bowel
  4. Strain the milk in to the egg mixer and stair well , and add the Cream 90gm and mixed well
  5. Back the egg mixer clean pot and warm reach until 82c Celsius
  6. Cold down in ice bathe and pour in the paco – jet container and close with lid and freeze it -18c for 24 hours
  7. Pacotize in the machine and ready to serve

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