Dilmah Lychee Tea and Berry Tea Sorbet

Dilmah Lychee Tea and Berry Tea Sorbet

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    The Dilmah Book of Tea inspired Cuisine & Beverage


  • 30g Dilmah Naturally Spicy Berry
  • 100ml Lychee puree
  • 30g Dilmah Lychee Tea
  • 100ml Water
  • 500ml Sugar Syrup
  • 40g Liquid glucose
  • Egg white

Methods and Directions

  • Make the syrup by boiling 500ml water, sugar and liquid glucose.
  • Cool and divide into two portions.
  • Brew 50ml of each tea (strong).
  • Divide the egg white into two.
  • Mix the lychee syrup, 250ml of sugar syrup,Dilmah Lychee tea and half of the egg white.
  • Churn in the ice cream machine and freeze.
  • Using the balance 250ml sugar syrup, mix the Dilmah Naturally Spicy Berry tea and half of the egg white to make the ginger tea sorbet.
  • Freeze and serve in an iced cup with caramelized ginger and mint.

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