Tea Poached Sea Bass

Tea Poached Sea Bass

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Rocky Dunnam

Note from the chefThe delicate nuance of lemon in the Lemon Black Tea lends wonderful flavor to a poached white fish like Sea Bass (similar to the flavorful use of court bouillon). To deepen the profile of the poached fish, I prepared a Jasmine rice using a brewed Springtime Fragrant Oolong and boosted with the  fragrant, floral expression of saffron. The rice takes on a very floral, aromatic essence from the tea alone, and the touch of saffron expands those notes. To finish, I drizzle a very light stream of White Balsamic glaze on the asparagus around the rice and fish. This acidic (slightly sweet) touch really complements, and accentuates the floral (as well as the citric) notes of the dish and balances the impact on the palate.

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Jasmine Rice
  • ½ cup Jasmine Rice
  • 1 tbsp Unsalted Butter
  • ½ Shallot; minced
  • 3 Dilmah Springtime Fragrant Oolong Tea; individual bag
  • 3 Saffron Threads
  • 1 tsp Kosher Salt
  • ¼ tsp White Pepper
Sea Bass
  • 1 Sea Bass Filet; cut into portions
  • 1 tbsp Grapeseed Oil
  • 1 Shallot; sliced thin
  • 3 tea bags of Dilmah Lemon Tea
  • 1 Lemon; zest
  • 2 Asparagus; bias cut
  • Kosher Salt/Black Pepper to taste

Methods and Directions

Jasmine Rice
  • Melt butter in small sauce pot.
  • Sweat shallot in butter.
  • Add rice.
  • Add 1.5 cups Oolong tea (prepared with all 3 bags).
  • Add saffron. Season.
  • Turn heat to low.
  • Cover and cook for approx. 20 min.
  • Remove and allow to stand for 5 min.
  • Remove cover and fluff with fork.
Sea Bass
  • In a saute pan, heat olive oil to near smoke point. *if you have skin-on sea bass, crisp skin in oil.
  • Add shallot and asparagus to pan.
  • Saute until shallot becomes translucent (*fish skin becomes crisp).
  • Remove asparagus.
  • Flip fish over onto flesh side, on top of the shallot.
  • Pour 1 cup tea (1 cup of boiling water, 3 tea bags brewed for 4 mins) into pan.
  • Add lemon zest.
  • Poach gently for approx. 3 min.

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