Mist of Ceylon

Mist of Ceylon

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Robert Schinkel

  • Sub Category Name
    Mocktails/Iced Tea
  • Recipe Source Name
    Dilmah Spa Tea Mixology
  • Glass Type Highball


  • 100ml chilled Dilmah Organic Noble Earl Grey
  • 3 drops of grapefruit bitters
  • 15ml lavender syrup
  • 100ml hot Dilmah Green Tea & Jasmine Petals
  • Dry ice

Methods and Directions

  • Add the first three ingredients to a mixer glass and stir gently for 20 seconds
  • Fill a highball glass one third with ice cubes and pour the drink into the glass
  • Brew a small pot of jasmine tea and add the dry ice.
  • Pour the thick mist of the jasmine tea on top of the drink.

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