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Cheung Kit Ting, Chiki
Wong Ka Yi, Kaka

Roll out the red carpet and get ready for some real glamour, especially if you want to try their Afternoon Tea at the Hollywood-themed Disney’s Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong. Enjoy spacious rooms, pose against classic cars and stroll through the grand gardens. Represented by Cheung Kit Ting, Chiki & Wong Ka Yi, Kaka

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    Real High Tea 2014/15 Volume 1


  • 4 tsp Dilmah Vanilla Ceylon Tea
  • 2 sliced fresh bananas
  • 15ml milk
  • Fresh cream, a little bit
  • Orange peel oil, a little bit
  • Marshmallows, a little bit

Methods and Directions

  • Prepare the tea as per the instructions given on the pack. Strain and cool completely.
  • Muddle the fresh bananas in a mixing glass.
  • Put the Dilmah Vanilla Ceylon Tea and milk into the mixing glass. Shake it.
  • Pour into the serving glass and put fresh cream on top.
  • Garnish with marshmallows.

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