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Cristian Gomez
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Artisan beer, a centuries-old brew infused with aromatic Earl Grey Tea. The brewery prides itself on using entirely natural ingredients and using traditional production methods. Beer in Chile dates back to the mid-19th century. Since then, beer has become an important part of Chilean life and can be found in abundance at social gatherings, but in recent years the country has experienced a booming demand for craft or artisan beers. In response, several new microbreweries have opened throughout the country, introducing local beer lovers to an impressive range of new tastes.

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    Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge 2015
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    Father's Day
    Father's Day ( Australia & NZ)
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    Spa & Pool Iced Tea & Cocktail Selection


  • 10 kls. Of mix malts :
  • Pilsen 90%
  • Cristal 5%
  • Rubi 5%
  • Chocolate 1%
  • Hops 60g.
  • Aromatic Earl grey tea 200g.
  • Beer yeast 20g.
  • Spring water 20L

Methods and Directions

  • The liquid obtained from maceration (softening) is boiled during 90 minutes, adding, in various moments, quantities of Lupulo (hops) until the desired bitter taste is achieved.
  • At 10 minutes before the boiling is done (minute 80), the Aromatic Earl Grey Tea is added.
  • After the final 10 minutes, the fire is turned off and the re-circling is done for 20 minutes till the temperature goes down to 80°C (176 F) and then the liquid will be transferred to the fermenting deposits, adding the yeast and closing hermetically during  the fermenting process that will last 7 to 10 days, approximately.
  • The temperature of fermentation will be 20°C (68 F) as stable (steady).

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