Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Kombucha

Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Kombucha
Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Kombucha

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Simon Toohey

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    Mocktails/Iced Tea
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    Chinese New Year Festival


  • 4 Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Bags 
  • ¾ cups Raw Organic Sugar
  • 1 L Boiling Water
  • 1-inch SCOBY Piece

For the Drink

  • 1 Wedge Lemon
  • 1 Wedge Orange
  • 2 Sprigs Mint
  • Ice

Methods and Directions

  • For the Kombucha, place all the ingredients except for the SCOBY into a heat proof bowl, and let steep for 5 mins until the sugar has dissolved and the tea is fully extracted. Place the liquid in the fridge until it comes to around room temperature (colder is fine but hotter is not)
  • Pour the sweet tea mixture into a jar with the SCOBY inside. Cover with a cloth and let rest for 3 days, up to 2 weeks depending on the surrounding temperature.
  • After the flavour is at a nice sweet, sour, fizzy stage, pour into an ice filled glass with the orange, lemon, and mint and stir. Enjoy!

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