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Honey wine made with the infusion of Apple & Elderflower. This is a deconstructed champagne using a special Dilmah infusion.

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    Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge 2015


  • 3kg Organic Apples (washed, cored & chopped)
  • 40gram Organic Dried Elderflowers
  • 1.8kg Raw Honey, off the comb
  • 10.8l Distilled Water
  • 40 heaped teaspoons of Apple & Elderflower  Infusion
  • Tea filter bags

Methods and Directions

  • In a fermenter, dissolve the honey in distilled water with wax, bees’ pollen and everything that comes out of the comb.
  • Test eventual alcohol level with a hydrometer until it is around 8%, and add chopped apples and fresh elderflowers.
  • Screw on lid and place airlock in place. Check daily and stir daily*. Continue till fermenting ceases 10 days after.
  • Rack off the brew into a clean carboy and discard apple and elderflowers. Replace airlock and let to settle for a further 7 days.
  • Add Dilmah Apple & Elderflower Infusion to the fermented liquid. Stir every 10-15 min for 1¾ hours. The brew must be at an ambient room temperature of 18-20°C-. 
  • Strain and let yeast settle again for 1 hour. Bottle in sterilised bottles and keep in cellar for min 3 months.

*Tasting the Melomel regularly throughout the process helps to determine how complex the brew is and how long it will take to cold infuse it with the Apple & Elderflower Infusion.

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