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  • Tea inspired cocktails you should try
    Admin Feb 19, 2020

    Tea inspired cocktails you should try

    Tea cocktails are a rare treat that will stimulate the senses and surprise any cocktail connoisseur. Tea based cocktails are a recent addition to drink menus, introduced by Dilmah’s tea mixology initiatives. Dilmah’s range of teas could be paired well with alcohol to enhance tea drinking...

  • Tea and Alcohol
    Admin Dec 13, 2019

    Tea and Alcohol

    Tea is a versatile beverage enjoyed for thousands of years paired with a variety of food, flavors and tastes. As a beverage for socializing and relaxing, tea has been bringing people together since its origin. Tea pairing could seem complex with much to learn and understand, but its multi dimensional...

  • Baking with Tea
    Admin Dec 02, 2019

    Baking with Tea

    Tea has the unique ability to stand on its own as a simple yet refreshing cup of tea, to be infused to enrich a food, beverage or dessert, or even be paired with cake or pastry to complete an evening tea time snack, due to the variety of different flavours of tea available. Whether to cuddle up with...

  • Best Tea Inspired Desserts
    Admin Sep 11, 2019

    Best Tea Inspired Desserts

    There is tea not only for the meat, fish, vegetables or fruits you eat but tea can be also used in desserts. In the vibes that tea offers- its taste, mouthfeel and in its natural goodness, there is delectable harmony when tea and food come together. There’s a reason why most restaurants offer tea...

  • Easy ways to add tea to your food
    Admin Sep 11, 2019

    Easy ways to add tea to your food

    Tea has many types and has a variety of flavours. It has so many complex flavours that they can be combined with food to enhance the taste even more. If you are only drinking tea, you are missing out some of the greatest culinary opportunities; from soup to smoothies, ice cream, salads and what not. Here’s...

  • 5 Awesome ways to include tea in your cooking
    Admin Jan 18, 2019

    5 Awesome ways to include tea in your cooking

    In a day and age where there is an abundance of spices and herbs for ingredients - what makes tea a special ingredient is its ability to dignify food. Tea, like most spices adds a sensorial aspect to food. Yet, unlike other spices, there are different types and flavours of tea which can enhance flavour...

  • 5 delish Iced tea recipes for you to try
    Admin Jan 10, 2019

    5 delish Iced tea recipes for you to try

    Keep it cool and exciting all year round with Iced Tea made with different flavours of tea! Whether you’re at home or at work, making iced tea is a simple task with a pleasurable result. Simply start by picking your favourite type of tea- Black, Green, White or Oolong. Brew 2 bags for 2-3 minutes...